ナポレオン1世のコンピエーニュ / Napoleon I in Compiègne

日帰り旅行へ出発 / To One Day Trip!




On a sunny sunday morning what better than a day trip outside of Paris.
40 minutes by train from Gare du Nord and 10 minutes by foot, passing by timber framed houses and the Gothic flamboyant-style city-hall, you then arrive at Palace of Compiègne.

歴史ある場所 / History






Compiègne Palace, historical important site towards servals centuries, is in fact a preferred residence of Napoleon I – the great protagonist of XIX th century Europe – is rich with history.
To ensure his dynasty he divorced Josephine, with whom he had no child, and immediately remarried. His second wife was Marie Louise d’Autriche, the oldest daughter of the Emperor of the Roman Empire, from the Habsbourg family – very good blood indeed.



Napoleon had a difficult childhood and was not good at school; his only friends were books. He was always concerned about his appearance and felt inferior, not being of royal blood. He decided to welcome Marie Louise in the palace of Compiègne because Louis the XVI and Marie Antoinette met there for the first time… in doing so Napoleon could project himself as grand as the royal family.


結婚初夜 / The first night




A proxy marriage was arranged, at distance, and during the 15 day voyage of the bride to Compiègne (she was in  Vienna), Napoleon wrote to her several times a day – the couple had not yet met! Just before her arrival, under pouring rain, he rushed ahead by horse, to meet her 60km from the palace. A dramatic first encounter for the married couple.
The same night they had their first dinner together in the dinning room that you can see below.


その日のうちに 4ナポレオンの歳の半分にもならない18歳の少女とベッドを共にしました。


That same night, Napoleon and his 18 year old bride – half his age – shared the same bed agaist all custom.



For Marie Louise whose great aunt, Marie Antoinette, perished by guillotine, Napoleon, a figure of the  French Revolution was an enemy. As a child she played with a Napolean doll that she liked to torment. Her anger was justified as Napoleon wanted to dominate her country.


But her first experience with Napoleon, that night in bed, was so exhilarating that she fell in love with him!






During 2 weeks of may, in 1810, their marriage celebrations took place in Paris. Marie Louise received 71 pièces of jewellery as a gift. Paris was festive until june.

Napoleon was so in love that it was difficult for him to concentrate on the affairs of state.
To please the young and shy Empress, and dazzle all of Europe, Compiègne was luxuriously decorated, notably by Jacob Desmalter‘s furniture.


Marie Louise could even choose paintings from Louvre museum as if the collection was her very own. Pieces, in fact, that Napoleon had confiscated from around Europe.




Her favorite hobby was painting. To this end a special drawing table and easel, decorated with guilt bronze, was made. Those objects were meant to pre-occupy – she lived in a guilded cage; Napleon was very jealous and wanted her to be alone in the palace while he was far away. Josephine, his first wife, had an affair during one of the far-flung military compaigns and he never forgot the betrayal.


お城の見学後は / After Visiting


宮殿庭園内のjardin des roses(ジャルダン•デ•ローズ)という名前のティーサロン。
This is a tea salon called “jardin des roses


All plates and cups are mismatched and from the flea market.

The rose mufin is outstanding!


Mid april was brimming with tulips. I’d like to come back in June for the roses.



コンピエーニュ宮殿のウェブページ/ Compiègne palace’s webpage






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